Cadaver Dogs Ireland

Fitom K9 owned Paul Murphy, is situated in Southeast Ireland.  
Paul has been training detection dogs for many years and to date most of these dogs have gone to Police Departments in the U.S.

As well as going to the US, some of Fitom K9s dogs have gone to An Garda Siochana here in Ireland. 

In the last fifteen years Fitom K9 have concentrated on training Cadaver dogs. 

Cadaver Dogs are trained to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh. The dogs can work both on and off-leash and are trained to detect the scent of decomposition that rises from the soil, the same way a dog knows where they last buried their bone.
It may not sound like the nicest thing in the world but the job these dogs do is absolutely crucial to both families of the victims, and to a justice system that often needs a body to prove a crime.

Paul now has his own team of Cadaver dogs and is currently on call-out from An Garda Siochana involving land and water searches.

Fitom K9 have been involved in searching Cold cases with An Garda Soichana, some of which are ongoing.
A more recent search involving Paul and his dogs was for Captain Robert Nairac in County Louth.

Fitom K9 have also trained two Cadaver dogs for our Civil Defence Department (a statutory body) and both are now serving with the Dublin Civil Defence unit.

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